Ninfield CE School

Ninfield CE School


Board of Governors for 2021 - 2022



Mr Ian Moffat (Co-opted Governor)             Start tenure 20-05-19           End tenure 19-05-23


Clerk to the Governing Body:

Ms Catherine McCann


Deputy Chairman:

Mr Peter Lilja (LA Governor)                 Start tenure 04/05/22        End tenure 03/05/26



Name Type Start Tenure End Tenure Interests
Mr Chris Brown Ex-Officio 01/01/09 N/A Colleague at School
Mr Ian Moffat Co-Opted 20/05/19 19/05/23 Spouse of part time TA at school
Mrs Gemma Baker Parent 14/10/19 13/10/23 Children at School
Rv Paul Frostick Ex-Officio 13/06/17 N/A None
Mrs Sally Parry Foundation 24/09/19 23/09/23 None
Mrs Ann Ringrose Foundation 01/11/19 31/10/23 None
Ms Rebecca Williams Staff 20/05/19 19/05/23 Colleague at School
Mr Peter Lilja Local Authority 04/05/22 03/05/26 None
Mr Steve Allen Co-Opted 04/02/20 03/02/24 Child at School
Mr Greg Walker Parent 25/05/22 24/05/26 Child at School
Vacancy Co-Opted
Vacancy Co-Opted


Committee Structure. 

The Governance of the School is achieved via three permanent committees. These are:

Committee Chair Membership Purpose
Full Governing Body (FGB) Mr I. Moffat All Governors All Business
Finance & Personnel (F&P) Mr P. Lilja Nominated Governors To oversee Finance and Personnel issues and to make recommendations to the FGB
Head Teacher Performance Review Mr P. Lilja Nominated Governors plus an external adviser To agree annual targets and review the performance of the Head Teacher.


Our Instrument of Government.

As a Church of England School the format of the Governing Body has to be approved by both East Sussex County Council and The Diocese of Chichester. This is done via the Instrument of Government which can be viewed here:

Instrument of Government

The Instrument of Government describes various 'types' of Governor and these are:

Type Elected/Non elected
The Head Teacher Non elected/ex-officio
The Incumbent or Priest in Charge of the Church of St Mary the Virgin, NInfield Non elected/ex-officio
Parent Governor Nominated & elected by the parents 
Staff Governor Nominated & elected by the staff
Foundation Governor Nominated by the Parcochial Church Council (PCC) of St Mary the Virgin, Ninfield
Co-Opted Governor Nominated and elected by the Full Governing Body
Local Authority Governor Nominated by LA and elected by the Full Governing Body
Associate Governors Elected by the Full Governing Body to perform a particular project or activity. Associate Governors have no voting rights on the FGB.

If you would like more information on how the Governing Body works you will find it in our annual Governor's Hanbook. This also lists the responsibilities of individual Governors for the current year.

Governor's Handbook 2021/22


Full Governing Body Meetings. 


We normally hold six FGB meetings per year, one per term. The minutes of these meetings are published once they have been finalised and approved by the FGB at the next meeting. As the minutes are approved we will make them available via this web site. Approved minutes can be accessed by selecting the date of the meeting.

 FGB Attendance Register 2021 - 2022

Date 21 Sep 2021 23 Nov 2021 19 Jan 2022 02 Mar 2022

04 May 2022

13 Jul 2022
I. Moffat Y Y Y Y Y
C. Brown Y Y Y Y Y
A. Ringrose Y Y Y Y Y
S. Parry Y Y Y N Y
G. Baker N N Y Y N
L. Ireland Y Y
R. Williams Y N N N Y
R. Staplehurst Y N
P. Lilja Y N Y Y Y
P. Frostick Y Y N Y Y
S. Allen N Y Y N Y
G. Walker Y
C. McCann Y Y Y Y Y


 FGB Attendance Register 2020 - 2021



30 Sep


18 Nov


20 Jan


03 Mar


28 Apr


21 Jul


I. Moffat Y Y Y Y Y Y
C. Brown Y Y Y Y Y Y
A. Ringrose Y N N N Y Y
S. Parry Y Y Y Y Y Y
G. Baker Y Y Y Y Y Y
L. Ireland Y Y Y Y Y N
R. Williams Y Y Y Y Y Y
R. Staplehurst Y Y Y Y Y Y
P. Lilja Y Y Y Y Y Y
P. Frostick N Y Y Y Y Y
S. Allen N Y N Y N Y
C McCann N/A N/A Y Y Y Y