Ninfield CE School

Ninfield CE School


A welcome from the Head

A warm welcome to Ninfield CE School. We have high expectations of our children and every child is encouraged to reach their full potential. We recognise that every child is special and has their own contribution to make

As a staff, our aim is to create a happy, caring and stimulating school environment which provides opportunities for each child to realise their full potential and at the same time prepare them for adult life.  In order to achieve these broad aims, our more specific aims are:

  • to help children learn that courtesy, good manners and consideration for others are important qualities;
  • to ensure a good command of English and an ability to communicate with others;
  • to encourage an enjoyment of reading for all purposes;
  • to develop knowledge, understanding and confidence in using mathematical skills;
  • to encourage scientific curiosity and process;
  • to encourage an awareness of the world around us through historical, geographical and religious education studies;
  • to encourage skills in, and an appreciation of, human achievements in music, drama, art, literature, science, technology and craft;
  • to develop agility, physical co-ordination skills and confidence through a variety of games, physical activities, movement and mime;
  • to learn how to acquire information from various sources and to record it in various ways;
  • to provide children with experience in the use of information and communication technology;
  • to serve our community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.  We encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promote Christian values through the experiences we offer to all our pupils;
  • to provide opportunities for each child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


At Ninfield C.E. School, we treat all our pupils equally, regardless of sex, ethnicity or creed, but recognise that they are not all the same in ability or interest.  We always expect the best from our pupils and appreciate they will enjoy school life, feeling happy and secure in all that they undertake.

       Chris Brown